Custom Tennis Racquet Stringing

Customize your tennis racquet exactly the way you like it. Choose your configuration from the options below then drop your racquet off in our store. We will send you a WhatsApp message / SMS when your racquet is ready to pick up. 

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This online option was set up for frequent players who know exactly what they want. This option allows frequent stringers to drop off and pick up quickly, without having to stop and chat.

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Not sure what string to choose, read up on the strings below to understand more.

String Name Description Gauge Material Item Code
MonoDominator 16 Mono-filament with unique urethane resin improving resiliency and durability 1.30mm 16GA High polyner nylon core and wraps with special resin coating HTS403
HS HyperSoft 16 Gosen unique UMISHIMA construction processed with unique urethane resin giving rapid improvement on bite and durability 1.30mm 16GA Original UMISHIMA structured core and wraps with special resin HTS703
CelebMulti 16 Gut-like feeling and excellent ball control 1.30mm 16GA High elastic nylon multi-filament and high polymer mono-filament wrapping with polyurethane coating HTS630
CelebMulti 17 Fine gauge realized sppeedy shot and bracing feeling 1.24mm 17GA High elastic nylon multi-filament and high polymer mono-filament wrapping with polyurethane coating HTS631
String Name Description Gauge Material Item Code
Rexis Speed Soft and forgiving: exceptionally responsive and repulsive with from a sea + island structure 1.25mm 16L GA - TGRSP 125
Rexis Comfort A perfect combination of power, touch, comfort and ball-pocketing 1.25mm 16L GA - TGRCF 125
Polytour Fire Swift string recovery upon impact allows for powerful penetrating shots. SIF (Silicone oil Infused Filament) Technology provides intense snapback for greater spin on the ball. 1.25mm 16L GA - PTGF 125
Polytour Spin G 125 Yonex's unparalleled new SIF (Silicone oil Infused Filament) Technology enhances string movement for greater snapback. Pentagonal structure and new SIF Technology creates heavy, ball-crushing spin. 1.25mm 16L GA - PTGG 125
Polytour Spin The pentagon shaped string cross section grabs the ball more precisely to produce stronger spin. It is stretched under controlled temperature with YONEX original technology to deliver prolonged spin performance with repulsion power. 1.20mm 17GA - PTGS 120
String Name Description Gauge Material Item Code
Synthetic Gut Limited Edition W/ Duraflex 16 World's most popular and best selling string! Duraflex provides consistency and durability for unmatched all around performance. 1.30mm 16GA - SG LTD
Diablo Prism Unique Poly with 2 half sets of dual color poly. Great control for the player that wants to stand out from the crowd. 1.25mm 17GA - Diablo Prism 17
String Name Description Gauge Material Item Code
LIVE WIRE GAMMA Live Wire Technology enhances the elasticity and resiliency of the string by changing its molecular structure. These features offer a softer “cushioned feel” for exceptional power and greater control that is easy on the arm. 1.32mm 16GA - LIVE WIRE 16
MOTO The unique heptagonal shape of the GAMMA Moto is designed for the high-performance player. Moto strings allow a player to generate maximum power with greater ball bite, delivering massive amounts of spin. The co-poly material of the Moto is very responsive and provides lots of feedback, making it perfect for control, along with excellent durability and tension maintenance. 1.24mm 17GA - MOTO 17
JET GAMMA Jet is a polyester string has a twisted ribbed shaped profile and a textured surface for maximum ball bite and huge amounts of spin while allowing greater ball pocketing. Jet offers the control and feel players want to hit punishing ground strokes from the baseline. 1.22mm 17GA - JET 17
SYNTHETIC GUT GAMMA’s industry-changing Synthetic Gut is an all-around performance string that offers a balance of playability and extra durability for all playing levels and playing styles. 1.25mm 17GA - SG 17
OCHO™ TNT® 17 OCHO TNT is the first solid core, synthetic gut string that combines the OCHO’s unique octagonal shape  with the dynamic elasticity of our TNT technology. The all court player will benefit from the OCHO TNT’s greater spin and livelier response. 1.25mm 17GA - OCHO TNT 17
TNT² 16 TNT2® processing enhances playability, durability and control for all playing styles. The #1 all-around string for power, feel and control. Elastalon™ center core and outer wraps with a Pearl coating to enhance durability. 1.32mm 16GA - TNT2 16
String Name Description Gauge Material Item Code
Lynx Tour 17 Designed for the harder hitting intermediate to advanced level player the unique 6-edge design of this co-polyester will provide the ultimate blend of control and spin. A monofilament made out of a new co-polymer mixture which also increases the durability, whilst being still comfortable to play. 1.30mm 17GA - Lynx Tour 17
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