Professional Racquet Stringing Services

If stringing services are the same everywhere, then you really don’t know the first thing about us.

There are many good reasons why players had chosen us as their preferred racquet stringing service provider in Singapore over the past 8 years. While every other stringer is stuck in the past doing the same things they were doing the in 1980s, we have moved forward with additional services and higher standards that meet the high expectations of recreational and professional racquet sports players.


All custom stringing services are protected by our Racquet Service Warranty. Although this warranty is used for less than 0.01% of the racquets we string, every custom-strung racquet is protected nevertheless.

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure that every racquet we string is strung correctly, we require that every job be verified by a second Stringer. This process guarantees that at least two experts check every racquet before it is released to customers. This verification process started in 2015 when we moved from home based to brick and mortar, our quality control has resulted in a success rate of 100%.


We record five important pieces of information on every custom stringing job: frame, dynamic tension, string, verifier and stringer. Customers who return to us are guaranteed that we will know what was done with their racquet last time and that we can do it exactly the same once again.


Racquet stringing is not a sideline for us. It’s not something we do for a little extra money on the side. Our racquet stringers are professionally trained, highly skilled trade’s people that are required to maintain the highest standards. Our stringers are the only Certified Haribito Members in South East Asia. Unlike most pro shops where untrained staff string racquets as a sideline, our staff are professional racquet stringers.

Certification Test Location

Our Master Stringers are trained by the US Racquet Stringers Association and is the only certification tester and test location in South East Asia.

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