Racquet Care & String Removal

Racquet Care and String Removal
Cutting the strings out improperly and not cutting when a string snap during play are the biggest ways to aggravate micro-fractures and create weak spots that show up during stringing. They can remain undetectable until the frame is exposed to stress during or after stringing and suddenly result in structural failure.

Racquet Care
1. Check racquets for string damages (at least once a week) if kept in bags.
2. If the string-bed have already turn soft or had flared, you may choose to cut away the strings to prevent unknown breakages when the racquet is kept in the bag.  

In the event of a string breakage on Mains:
1. Cut mirror image of main string (1)
2. Cut main and cross (2)
3. Cut remaining strings marked red on photo  

No breakage or only Cross:
1. Cut main and cross (2)
2. Cut remaining strings marked red on photo

String Removal Technique



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