How to choose the correct shoe size when shopping online or in-store?

How to choose the correct shoe size when shopping online or in-store?
Knowing your exact shoe size is essential to buying racquet sports shoes. It's no fun, and you risk potential injury during the game. Finding your shoe size before you shop saves you time in the store or online and helps you avoid buying a pair that doesn't fit having to return them.

The average shoe size in the world has changed a lot over the decades too, thus thinking that the staff would know the shoe size by telling the age or by a certain metric measurement would not be of much help especially if you are getting for someone else as different brands have different ways of presenting the shoe size.

For example, X brand may indicate US Size 7 as 25.0cm but Y brand might indicate US Size 7 as 24.5cm while Z brand indicates as 25.5cm. To further complicate things, Men's US size 7 and Women's US Size 7 would be different by at least 2cm! Not forgetting kids / junior sizes also differs!

Foot length: 
It is especially important to measure the length of your foot. Knowing how long your foot is in centimetres, you can easily find the manufacturer's size chart which will make it much easier for you to buy your shoes in the right size.

The shape of the shoe and your foot: 
Consider your foot width. Many shoes will also have a width size, ranging through 2.5 – 4. It is important to pay attention to the footwear model you choose. Shoes with a pointed nose should be chosen a size larger because the model itself is a bit smaller. If your foot is especially wide, avoid shoes with a seam at the widest part of your foot or pointed shoes.

Half sizes:
Sometimes, people have half-sized feet. If this is the case for you, choose shoes from brands that feature half sizes in their size chart.



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