The good and the bad reasons to change your badminton racquet.
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How to choose the correct shoe size when shopping online or in-store?

Knowing your exact shoe size is essential to buying racquet sports shoes.
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Concept of Power

Research had shown that power may not change with the specs, but rather with the stringbed stiffness only because of...
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Tensioning Methods and Stringing Patterns: What are they and what are the Benefits?

Stringing is one of the most important elements of a racquet. 
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Racquet Care & String Removal

Cutting the strings out improperly and not cutting when a string snap during play are the biggest ways to aggravate...
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Pre-stretch or not?

Some stringers like to pre-stretch the string before or during installation.
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Why should you restring your racquet?

Most players only restrings their racquets only when the string has worn out or snapped, however it is best to...
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Why Do Badminton Racquets Break?

In our shop, we string more than 6000+ racquets a year with the majority of these being badminton racquets. On...
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Head heavy or Head Light?

Does balance contribute to the feel of the racquet in terms of weight?
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7 Factors That Affects Stringbed Stiffness

"The strings feels hard/soft" "I can't smash / hit hard enough" "My shots are not going to the base"
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Does Racquet Headsize Matter?

As the Headsize increases so will POWER! This is because the strings used are longer and create more of a trampoline...
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